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Cot Tent

How easy it is to unpack, assemble and repack a cot tent in three minutes!

Just as the name suggests, a Cot Tent is simply a combination of a cot and a tent, all in one package; the perfect accessory for camping.

With regular tents, sleeping can sometimes turn into quite a chore, since campers have to lay on possibly lumpy and bumpy ground, not exactly an inducement for a good night's rest.
Moreover, insects, bugs, marauding rodents or any crawling intruder can disturb campers.
Rainy weather is especially challenging as the ground becomes wet and cold. The Cot Tent is designed to eliminate all those troublesome factors that can turn a favorite camping trip into something less than ideal.
Kamp-Rite is the pioneer and by far the most versatile company to manufacture Cot Tents with its large selection, ranging from the single to the oversized tent, and now even offers the double Cot Tent for the comfort of couples.
Cabela is another familiar name for this style of tent.

The average Cot tent rises 11 inches from the ground and gives campers ample room underneath to store gear and equipment and can also be used without the tent part, as a reclining cot, or even a lounge chair, with a 3/8 inch foam insulating pad as standard. If that is not enough, extra comfort can be achieved by adding your own thicker foam pad.

The original Kamp-Rite Cot Tent, which is made of 420D Poly Oxford with PU, starts at 84" long, 28" wide and 24" high then the sizes increase from there.

If you have ever hassled trying to set up a regular tent, then another attraction of the Cot Tent is that there is no assembly to contend with. It simply unfolds and can then be packed away in the carrying case. Rain is not a deterrent either, not only with the waterproof coating as standard, but an optional rain fly is alsoavailable.  

Prices can range from about $100 for the simplest style cot tent and go to $300 for the more sophisticated versions. And do not forget that the Cot Tent can also be used in your own backyard for the kids or guests.